Today, a huge amount of information is available on the Internet and customers sometimes ask: “Why do we need to hire a real estate agent?
They quite rightly ask this question if they really can buy or sell an apartment through the Internet or through the usual marketing and advertising channels without a real estate agent. Yes, some succeed, many do not. So if you have the same question, here are 10 reasons why you might think about hiring a professional real estate agent.

  1. Education and experience.
    You do not need to know everything about buying and selling real estate if you hire a real estate professional. Henry Ford once said that when you hire people who are smarter than you, it proves that you are smarter than them. The trick is to find the right person. So why not hire a person with more knowledge and experience in real estate than you do? We are all looking for a way to save our precious time, and turning to a professional allows us to do this.

  1. Agents are a buffer.
    Agents take all the annoying worries associated with the purchase or sale of real estate agent. If you buy an apartment, then your agent will assume the responsibilities of communicating with the agents of the sellers, not allowing them to rub your nerves. If you are a seller, then your agent will filter all empty phone calls and weed out those people who only go on excursions around the apartments, depicting buyers. At the same time, your professional agent will clearly identify the real buyer, and consolidate his serious intentions to purchase your apartment.

  1. Knowledge of the area.
    The agents have deeper knowledge and they know all the features of not only real estate agent, but also of the area where this property is located. They can competently emphasize the merits of a particular location of the building when selling real estate, and at the same time draw the attention of the client to possible problems when choosing an apartment. They can determine comparable sales prices, as well as tell you where you can find the nearest school, clinic, kindergarten, store or public transport stop.

real estate agent

  1. Knowledge of prices.
    Contrary to popular belief, agents do not set prices for sellers or buyers. However, the agent can guide customers in the right direction. Seller agents will ask buyers to weigh all the arguments that they, agents, bring and make conclusions about the price. On the other hand, if you are a buyer, you only know that the apartment is for sale for 1,350,000 rubles. But your agent knows that this apartment was sold for 1,000,000 rubles before redecorating, and that for 65 days on the market, transactions on it have already been broken twice.

  1. Market information.
    Real estate agents know what market conditions are and how the process of selling or buying an apartment will influence. Data such as the average cost per square meter in apartments like yours, average sales prices, exposure times, and price-to-offer ratios, among other criteria, will have a huge impact on what you ultimately decide to do.

  1. Negotiation skills and confidentiality.
    The best agents negotiate well, because, unlike most buyers and sellers, they can avoid the emotional aspects of the deal. They are trained in this. This is part of their job responsibilities. They are professionals who best represent the interests of the client in negotiations, and at the same time they carefully preserve confidential information.

real estate agent

  1. Carrying out paper work.
    Today, preliminary contracts, sales contracts, receipts, etc. in general, they can be up to a dozen pages, or even more. And this does not include extracts from the USRR, cadastral passports and various certificates requested depending on the circumstances of the transaction. In most cases, the package of documents for real estate transactions is the average thickness of the folder and one tiny mistake or omission can lead you to court or cost you many thousands of rubles.

  1. Issues after the transaction.
    Even the smoothest deal that went smoothly can have consequences. Questions may come up that were not taken into account in the excitement of the transaction. In this case, one call to your agent can correct the situation. Good agents are always ready to help. A worthy and honest agent will not leave you in a quandary.

  1. Building relationships for the future.
    The success of a real estate agent and the continuation of his career are customer recommendations. It is this circumstance, like nothing else, that actively stimulates agents to do everything so that clients are happy and satisfied with their work.

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